General settings

The store's general settings. Hide / show the store, minimum order amount etc.

The general settings for the store can be found under Settings -> General.


Make your store visible or hidden
To make your store visible, you need to uncheck Hide shop. If you want to hide the store temporarily, check this box. (Only logged-in administrators have access to a hidden store.)
Remember to press the green Save button.


Minimum order amount
If you enter an amount here, your visitors can not place any orders below this amount. The limit refers to the total cash amount including shipping and other fees, regardless of whether this total amount is inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

Text on address labels
Used to insert e.g. the store's name and address in address labels. You create the latter under the tab "Orders".

Export settings
Depending on the operating system and spreadsheet program you have on your computer, you need to make some export settings so that you can open the file correctly.

Set how the file is saved, for example comma separated with the UTF-8 character encoding. Then all exports in the system (see below) will create the files in this format.

  • Article export (Assortment → Export) 
  • Orders (Orders → Export) 
  • Customers (Customers → Export) 


The check box "Include delimiters on the first line of the file" check box is available to make it easier to open the file in newer versions of Microsoft Excel.

Recommended settings for users with Microsoft Excel
Delimiter: comma Character coding: ISO-8859-1 Also check the box "Include delimiter".