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What is a product category?

How do I add product categories?

How do I add sub-categories?

How do I move and rearrange categories?

How do I add products to my product groups?

Other settings and what they do?

Store Design and how to customize it?

What is a product category?

Product Categories are used to organize your products in a convenient manner for your customers. Thus, they can be said to be the very backbone of your catalogue.

Defining product categories can help you create a sense of order in your shop. In your admin, you can implement this with the help of folders to categorize your products and create a structure that you and your customers will appreciate.

The structure of the product category formed here will be used as the layout for the menu in the website. So plan it very carefully.

Pro tip! A well-formed structure makes navigation easier for your buyers. Easy navigation is equal to a good user experience and happy customers.

For instance, here is what collecting all the brands as subcategories under a single category looks like:


How do I add product categories?


  1. Go to Catalogue (A) -> Product category (B) -> Click New product category (C).Add categories

  2. Fill in “Category name” (D) (eg Fashion).

  3. Click the button “+Add” (E) to add and save the group.

    How do I add sub-categories?

    Method 1:

    1. Create a new product category. See how in the previous chapter “How do I add product categories?"
    2. To place your subcategory, set Placement (A) to the desired product category.Add sub-categories

    3. Set a “Category name” (B) for your category.

    4. Click +Add (C) to save your product category.

    5. If you click Catalogue -> Product category (D) you will now see that your category has a subcategory.Add sub-categories-2


    Method 2:

    1. On the page for “Product categories”, click on the product category name (A). A list will pop up on the right.
    2. Select +New subgroup (B) to add a new subcategory.

    Add sub-categories-1


    How do I move and rearrange categories? 


    Sometimes you need to move groups or categories. There are two ways of doing this. 

    Method 1: 

    1. Mark the category (A). 
    2. In the list to the right, select Cut (B).Cut-copy-paste

    3. Click on a category where you want to move the cut out category (C). The list to the right now includes the alternatives Paste, Paste before and Paste after (D). Cut-copy-paste-1

    Paste means that the clipboard will be placed inside the selected category. 

    Paste before means that the clipboard will be placed before the selected category in the tree. 

    Paste after means that the clipboard will be placed after the selected category in the tree.


    Method 2: 

    1. Click on and drag the category that you want to move (A).drag-drop

    2. Drop it either on the category in which it is to be placed (B).drag-drop-1

    3. Or between groups to move it within the structure (C).drag-drop-2


    How do I add products to my product groups?

    1. Go to Catalogue -> Products (A).

    2. Create a new product if you don’t have any (B), or edit an existing product (C).

    3. Under Categorization (D) you can select a category for your product (or several if you have PLUS or PRO subscription).
    4. Preview your shop, and you should see a menu item for each of your product categories.


    Points to remember:

    • Every product should have a product category to be shown on the website. (Missing products on the website? This could be a reason)
    • You can add a product to multiple product categories, but only one should be treated as the primary category.
    • Only the products from the primary product category will be included in the sub shop (if you are using a multishop system)
    • While creating a new discount, it will be applied only on the primary group products and not on the products using shared groups.


    For example, the discount applies to this product only via the category "Men" and not via “Watch”.


    If you would like to add a discount to this product, the discount must apply to “Men” and the product must have this category set as the primary category.

    Other settings and what they do:



    In the settings for the product group, you are able to hide the products and/or categories in two different ways.


    Hide the product category and its products

    If you decide to stop selling a particular type or category of product, then hiding them one by one is not an easy task. This setting will hide both the category and its product from the store and the menu.

    Points to remember:

    • Using it on a top-level category will also hide the subcategories from the menu.
    • Products having the "hidden category" as the primary group will not be listed on the website.
    • The products from the subcategories will still be accessible and can lead you to the subcategory page. If you want to hide the entire product category, it must be edited on the subcategory level.


    Pro tip! If you have not turned on this option and if the product category is still not visible in the menu, then the next place to look for is under Store design (A) -> Themes (B) -> Edit (pen icon) (C) -> Product category page (D) -> Empty product groups (E) (the product category might be empty). This applies to the “Hide from product menu” option too.




    Hide from product menu

    Do you want to hide the product category from showing up in the menu? Then this is your option.

    This setting hides the category from the menu, but they will still be searchable and can be accessed via the top-level product category page.

    Points to remember:

    • This option is not active but still the product category is not available on the website menu?
    • This not be included in the menu under “Appearance -> Themes -> Edit -> Content ->Site header / Menu” (Based on the theme).
    • Your product category is not indexed yet. Wait for 24 hours and if it is still not available contact us and we will fix it for you.


    Add an image and a description to the product category

    In this setting, you can add an image and a description for the category. It will be shown on the top of the product category page.


    Pro tip! Select an image that connects well with your category, this will help your customers navigate easier.

    Store Design


    Every theme has its own design and predefined layout, but at the same time they are extremely customizable according to your preferences. You can start humble and follow the theme layout, or get creative and go for a custom appearance.

    The store design of the product category shop window is controlled by the shop template: This follows the layout of the active theme selected under Appearance -> Themes. This is the default setting for the product category.

    Customized store design 


    This is the creative part. Here you can design your own layout for your product category page. The different blocks can be added and rearranged as per your choice.

    Advantages of using custom appearance:

    • Flexible design
    • Control the information displayed
    • SEO enhanced own content
    • Easy selection & placement of products

    Keep in mind:

    • All the settings made here will override the settings made in the active theme under Appearance -> Themes -> Edit -> Product category page.
    • You might come across some issues with heading tags (H1, H2, etc) which we are currently investigating.


    Product category table


    Display the product categories of your choice.



    • Helps customers easily navigate through products of different categories.
    • Add related categories.
    • Flexible placement on the page (A).
    • Flexible grid (B).
    • Easy selection (C).
    • Easy sorting using (D).


    Product List & Table

    To display the products in a grid, list view or both in separate blocks.


    • Connected - Automatic selection & placement of products under the selected product category
    • Manual - Flexible choice of products and their placement in the block.

    • To select or browse a different product to place in the block (A).
    • To add a new block in the place (B).
    • To influence the position of the product. Click on the icon and then click on the desired location where you want to move (C).
    • To remove the product from the block (D). 

    Full width product


    It will be in list format like the “product list” block, but with more control and flexibility to choose the information to display regarding the product on the product group page. 


    This is an example of how the full width products can be displayed on the website:


    This is an example of how a product list can look:

    Custom text/image


    This gives more extensive options to add the content when compared with other blocks.



    • Add links to images and text.
    • Use HTML or script under source code (<>).
    • Add videos and tables.

    Keep in mind:

    • Custom scripts might not work and could break the page.
    • Possible issues with heading tags.